Anagha has a commendable track record of providing high quality, yet affordable XML conversion services to its customers. This success can be attributed to some of the following reasons:

  • Over 3 years of experience delivering high quality, cost-effective and efficient outsourcing services related to various business functions and industries, to a varied clientele, across the world.
  • Our data experts' possess considerable amount of process expertise related to accomplishing XML conversion projects. This includes a rigorous understanding of the XML framework and syntax.
  • Able to convert wide range of document formats such as hard copy and soft copy documents into XML.
  • Use of the latest content analysis and transformation tools to carry out XML conversion with a high degree of precision.
  • Rigorous standards concerning data quality are in place. We have quality assurance procedures in place that assure projects are completed with accuracy greater than 98%.
  • Secure methods of access to data and transfer of data, following completion of projects.
  • We provide cost-effective and scalable services, in alignment with client goals.
  • All projects are completed within the minimal turnaround time.